Our Story

Made with LOVE by a Mom + Dad

As a new mom and dad, we wanted to ensure our newborn had the perfect clothing and accessories as he transitioned from being a newborn up to a child.  Alix looked far and wide trying to find the neutral, unisex clothing that she envisioned our little guy wearing, but she struggled to find it.  That was when the idea for Atlas Grey was born and now we’re proud to introduce you to our baby clothing line.  Made with love and sourced with care, each piece is as comfortable as it is visually appealing. 

All of our accessories have been personally ordered and tested with our little guy.  Our goal was simple: to have neutral, aesthetically pleasing clothing that was functional for everyday use.  

Alixandra, Jared, Atlas & Denver


Designed with love

This new mom-and-dad duo couldn’t find the clothes they wanted for their new arrival, so they fixed it. Atlas Grey was born from love, ensuring only the best fabrics to nuzzle baby’s sensitive skin.

Straight from Florida

All of our neutral baby clothes are designed with love in our home state of Florida. Our warm year-round weather demands ultimate comfort from clothing.

Gentle and Safe for Skin

All of our unisex baby clothes are made with premium textiles and lots of love. Our gender neutral clothes snuggle your baby’s skin and wicks away moisture, leaving your baby feeling clean, comfy, and happy.